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Marrakech is changing!!! Easyjet opened up the city to weekend visitors with the launch of its low-cost flights in the summer and this week Ryanair and Thomsonfly join the fray with new routes from Luton and Manchester. Once seen as the epitome of all that's exotic, Marrakesh is now accessible for less than £50. So far, thankfully, the heart of the city seems unchanged: the medina remains exotically alien, the souks still heave with carts, mopeds, buyers and sellers, and the Jemaa el Fna still fills the night sky with its flaming torches, woodsmoke and the sound of drumming.


Yet change is on the wind. Ten years ago there were 25 Marrakech Riads - the boutique hotels converted from crumbling townhouses tucked away in the medina. Now there are 500. Marrakesh boasts a mind-boggling array of places to stay, from pared-down minimalist retreats to opulent palatial residences.

Accommodation is hugely important in a city this frenetic. After dodging donkeys and carts and indulging in some serious haggling, it's important to return to somewhere that soothes, relaxes and revives. There are few better feelings than lazing by the pool with a cold glass of wine in hand, examining your new purchases and knowing that the crazy world of Marrakesh is going on just around the corner.

Domain Akhdar has 20 Marrakech villas with a real feel of a Marrakech Riads. You can get and away from the city and relax to a rural retreat.

If you think that life in Marrakech only revolves around souks, museums, and mosques, then you are absolutely wrong. Take it from this self-proclaimed persistent explorer who is always on the look out for new things to try. So, once again, I head out of my hotel room to discover what’s waiting for me in Marrakech city.
Marrakech Riads
The activity I tried just recently was golfing. Do you know that Marrakech houses first-class golf courses that are famous around the world? Avid fans of Marrakech golf courses include big names such as former US president Dwight D. Eisenhower and Sir Winston Churchill. Well, you don’t have to be a world leader to feel the different kinds of pleasure playing golf can bring. Just take with you some friends or if you’re alone, some guts, and enjoy some tee time at one of the many golf clubs in Marrakech.

Located just 10 kilometers away from the city proper, La Palmeraie Golf Club served as the host to my first attempt at golfing. The place was highly recommended by many of my friends whose first love is sports. This prestigious 77-hectare Marrakech golf club has a breathtaking view of the Atlas Mountains and other scenic places. At first, I wasn’t sure if I will really enjoy playing golf at that place because I watched golf tournaments in cable channels before, and I did not find it entertaining. However, La Palmeraie Golf Club provided the equipment, refreshing ambiance, and friendly crew to make my first golf experience really unforgettable. The people playing there who must have identified me as a newbie even offered basic golf lessons for free! Beware, Tiger Woods, this budding golfer will be the one to outshine your world records in the future! The Golf Club and more attractions are waiting for you when you book your Marrakech Riads now.

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